Our Success Stories

A few of our former clients have provided us with testimonials of their success in working with our coach. They are pleased to share them with all of you….our potential new clients!


Heather helped me raise awareness about everything! She helped me see I wanted to speak what I needed to my family. I realized I needed to speak from my heart. I was questioning my decisions and everything was a challenge emotionally. Heather guided me gently so that life did not seem so daunting anymore. Heather also helped me know what happened when my husband died - that my world halted, then flashed by and whisked me off my feet. Coaching showed me how I needed to honor him and eventually lay to rest his memory so that I could move on in my life. Through visualization, I thought about what it would look like to be in a different place with my adult children and their spouses with their dad gone. They needed to know what their mother’s purpose in life was... and I needed to know that as well. I am at peace in my heart now and feel my place in life is beginning to be clearer.
— Anonymous, Teacher

The organization just went through an structure change and what was normal wasn’t anymore for me. I was leaving work everyday not knowing why I was having such a hard time understanding how do I fit into this new organization. Thank God for Heather! Through her 101 questions she helped me realize that my life wasn’t in balance. Then through the next 101 questions she helped me understand what I needed to do to get things back in line with my personal values. After working with Heather for six months, I have never felt better about being an effective leader in the new structure with my personal values being satisfied. So if you go through life with a knot in your stomach, I would recommend spending some time with Heather and start answering her questions.
— Rick, Area Manager

Heather’s assistance in helping me work through a 360 executive assessment process was invaluable. By combining lessons learned from the assessment process with ongoing executive coaching sessions, Heather enabled me to enhance my personal interactions with staff, improve my leadership skills, and achieve organizational objectives. I would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking insight into how to improve their overall performance!
— Brian, CEO

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know about the positive impact Heather’s life coaching has had on my personal and professional life. In just a few months of her coaching me, she helped me realize and focus on the important things in my life: my VALUES. Her positive outlook, her perception, her broad view of possibilities, and her encouragement were amazing. She was efficient in her preparation for our sessions and she helped me plan - and follow up on - action points, communicating easily and openly with me. I am really living my life to the fullest... in accordance with my values! There is something special about Heather and I am truly thankful for her support, encouragement, and her commitment to me as my life coach. She is absolutely wonderful.
— Amy, HR

I met with Heather during a time when I was going through significant life changes and had some big decisions to make. During our time together, she helped me to think through what was really important to me and consider what I wanted out of not just that period in my life but down the road. Heather caringly but firmly pushed back when she saw that I wasn’t being true to myself and helped me move toward a more fulfilling life. It’s been over a year now since we’ve met and I still use the skills I learned through her. I am so grateful that I gave myself the gift of knowing Heather as a life coach!
— Janet, Senior HR Professional

In four short months, Heather assisted me in better understanding myself and my actions in a very clear light. What I most appreciated about our time together was that it wasn’t about changing me as a person; it WAS about changing the way I approached or saw certain situations. It helped me to realize how I could control the roller coaster of life by incorporating Heather’s suggestions from our sessions. I don’t believe I can properly put into words how much it has helped me.
— Becky, Sales Manager