Coach Heather works with clients who are living their lives each day, working in their careers each day and yet feel like something's not quite productive or fulfilling. Potential clients usually wonder about the possibilities they could have in their life to feel more fulfilled, more effective in their role at work, more productive with their relationships with co-works, even feel more balanced in life taking in all that is important to them as individuals. What are the possibilities for you? What would it be like to work with a coach? Wondering what others think about Coach Heather's work? See what current and former clients say about successes they found in their life and careers as a result of working with the Coach Heather.


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Individuals who want more from their career:

At times everyone finds themselves in a spot where life is changing around them and they need to transition through it into a new place. This change may be a job/career change, a change in the effectiveness of the relationships at work, a need to develop new skills for whatever is next. Coach Heather has worked through all these areas of change and would partner with you as an individual on a path to discover what’s happening in your situation today, what the future might be, helping to establish goals and plans for you to bridge the gap from today to the new place in your career.



New and Emerging Leaders wanting a great start in their new career path:

As a leader you stand at the top with all your knowledge and experience hoping that your decisions and actions take you to the places you want your team and business to go. It can feel like working in a fishbowl…constantly being observed by your leaders and employees to see if you’re doing all you can to lead the team and business to success. You generally don’t have a confidante to bounce ideas with because you wonder how that might be seen for your performance. Sometimes the days and years run together with all the “tasks” that need to get done and yet you want to make more of a difference, be more effective with your employees, step out of the day to day sometimes to plan and strategize for the future, continuously learn and bring ideas to the business to keep it fresh and viable, and still find time to balance all the other things in life that are important to you. Coach Heather has managed people and takes a whole life approach – since all things in life affect each other – to partner with you on a journey from your current situation to a place where you are the kind of leader you want to be for your business , your employees and yourself.



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Workshops and Guest Speaking

Coach Heather is available for career and leadership related workshops or guest speaking events for your business meeting, team meeting, student classes, or club/organization meeting. To inquire about the coach’s availability, please contact her today.


The organization just went through an structure change and what was normal wasn’t anymore for me. I was leaving work everyday not knowing why I was having such a hard time understanding how do I fit into this new organization. Thank God for Heather! Through her 101 questions she helped me realize that my life wasn’t in balance. Then through the next 101 questions she helped me understand what I needed to do to get things back in line with my personal values. After working with Heather for six months, I have never felt better about being an effective leader in the new structure with my personal values being satisfied. So if you go through life with a knot in your stomach, I would recommend spending some time with Heather and start answering her questions.
— Rick, Area Manager