Does the coach tell me what to do?

The coaching relationship is focused on you as the client getting the results you want. You are in charge. The coach does not tell you what to do. The coach will help you discover what is possible for you. The coach will always guide you towards what it is you are wanting to achieve.

Do we work with goals in coaching? Or just go with whatever comes up?

Both. At the beginning of the coaching relationship, your coach will help you set goals for what you want to achieve. And, throughout the coaching sessions, you’ll work on your goals and whatever comes up in the moment. Sometimes during coaching sessions things are happening in life and you may need or want to pause and deal with those to help your life rebalance.

Why does the coach ask so many questions?

Questions create the space for thinking, reflecting, discovery and gaining insight. They help you as the client gain new learning and clearer vision. They also allow the coach to see what’s inside of you and then better guide your journey to achieve your goals.

Coaching sounds like a lot of “soft, touchy feely” stuff. Will it really help me be a better leader or business person?

Discovering what makes you tick as a human being, how you approach your life and others, what you aspire to, what you find most important in your life, can all help you become a better leader and business person. Looking inside ourselves to learn about who we are and what we want allows us to be clearer about how we show up to others and how we work to achieve our goals. Although some of the work in coaching seems soft, there are times your coach will challenge you to step up and be accountable as well.

How is coaching different from counseling or therapy?

There are some similarities. A coach, counselor and therapist are all very interested in helping people discover more about their life and to move forward to have the life the individual wants to live. However, coaches are not trained to diagnose or analyze your past or to heal emotional wounds of the past. Coaches are trained to connect with you in your present life to discover what’s happening for you now, what is it you want to achieve and what choices do you want to commit to for bridging that gap. Emotion may show up during this journey and offers the opportunity for learning as well as stepping out of old comfort zones into new ways of showing up in life.