Benefits of Coaching

One of the strengths of coaching is that it’s based on the client’s agenda – what they want to achieve or change. The benefits then align with the client’s desired results. Outcomes of coaching may include:

  • Awareness and clarity of the current situation and potential future
  • Behavior change as a result of learning and action
  • Keen focus on what is important
  • Balanced perspectives from all areas of life and how they blend for a fulfilled life
  • A sense of fulfillment with life
  • Stronger and more effective relationships with others

Coaching can be used to help individuals in all areas of their life. The coach uses a whole life approach since the pieces of our life fit together…are interrelated and thus have impact or affect other areas of our life. Examples of areas in which coaching happens: career transitions, leadership skills enhancement, leadership presence, relationships with coworkers, family or friends, recreation & relaxation commitments, work & life balance, confidence & self esteem, life transitions, health & fitness goals.