When you see the word “coach" it probably brings to mind a variety of definitions and roles, including sports team coaches, athlete coaches, mentors, counselors, life coaches, executive coaches, career coaches, etc. Coaches have been around for many years. They are people with a common mission in the world to support others on their journey to becoming the best they can be. There are some differences among them as well… some are there to teach and tell others what to do, some are there to simply share tips from their experiences, others have a professional process for partnering with a person to hold them accountable on a life changing journey to achieve a set of goals. This later role is the one our business most resembles.


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What Coaching Is & Isn’t:

Coaching is a relationship designed between a coach and the client that empowers the client to close the gap of where they are now in life to where they want/need to be for a more fulfilling life. It’s about awareness, learning and self discovery coupled with accountability through goals and actions. The coach professionally facilitates life change. It is not a friendship, but a professional partnership for the growth and development of the client.

Coaching sessions are not counseling or therapy – the coach is not the expert that looks back into someone’s past for diagnosis, analysis or issue resolution. The client is taken from where they are right now and guided through a self discovery and learning journey toward where they’d like to be in the future. If during the process of coaching, the coach and client discover some things the client needs to work on in counseling or therapy, it would be suggested that the client seek professional services in that area of expertise.

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One of the strengths of coaching is that it’s based on the client’s agenda – what they want to achieve or change. The benefits then align with the client’s desired results. Outcomes of coaching may include:

  • Awareness and clarity of the current situation and potential future

  • Behavior change as a result of learning and action

  • Keen focus on what is important

  • Balanced perspectives from all areas of life and how they blend for a fulfilled life

  • A sense of fulfillment with life

  • Stronger and more effective relationships with others

Coaching can be used to help individuals in all areas of their life. The coach uses a whole life approach since the pieces of our life fit together…are interrelated and thus have impact or affect other areas of our life. Examples of areas in which coaching happens: career transitions, leadership skills enhancement, leadership presence, relationships with coworkers, family or friends, recreation & relaxation commitments, work & life balance, confidence & self esteem, life transitions, health & fitness goals.



Coach Heather works with her clients through the use of the Co-Active Coaching Model, which was developed through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). This means both she and her clients have an active role in the relationship. They partner side-by-side on the journey for the client.


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Heather helped me raise awareness about everything! She helped me see I wanted to speak what I needed to my family. I realized I needed to speak from my heart. I was questioning my decisions and everything was a challenge emotionally. Heather guided me gently so that life did not seem so daunting anymore. Heather also helped me know what happened when my husband died - that my world halted, then flashed by and whisked me off my feet. Coaching showed me how I needed to honor him and eventually lay to rest his memory so that I could move on in my life. Through visualization, I thought about what it would look like to be in a different place with my adult children and their spouses with their dad gone. They needed to know what their mother’s purpose in life was... and I needed to know that as well. I am at peace in my heart now and feel my place in life is beginning to be clearer.
— Anonymous, Teacher