Empowering leaders and students for a brighter future. 


are you wondering

"what's next?"

Although life can be unpredictable, sometimes it’s important to make an intentional decision about your next move. Even if that decision seems too big to make. Whether you’re looking to master your leadership skills, transitioning into a new position or career, or are a student looking for guidance, our coach is here to help you move toward carreer success.

You’ve likely been bombarded with advice from friends, family and peers, but what about your wants, interests, or ideas? At Ludwig Coaching, we don’t define your future based on what you’re told. Instead, we determine the right path based on what you’re asked. We are curious about YOU.

What gets you out of bed and excited for the day? What do you like to do for fun in your free time? What makes you feel fulfilled or complete in life? What kind of an environment helps you excel? When do you find yourself lost in time doing something you enjoy?

First we CARE: We care about the situation you are in. We care about who you are, what motivates you in life and what you want for yourself now and in the future.

Then we LISTEN: We listen to YOU. Not the advice you’ve been given, or what you think is expected. We listen to your interests, lifestyle and experiences to get a genuine feel for what makes you thrive.

Finally we COACH: This is when we partner for a plan for YOU! We take what we’ve learned about you and help you discover more about what will make a successful life career for you.



Ready or not…

We understand this can be a vulnerable experience for some, which is why we offer a no-obligation consultation discovery session where we meet for 30 minutes to see if coaching is the right fit for your needs.